Monday, 23 August 2010


Hi all,
I'm a guess designer on today, so please take a look. I love making wordbooks on the Gypsy. This time I decided to do a wordbook for myself based on the Magnolia Stamps Tilda. It has pockets for putting stamped images in. This is going to be a record for myself, so I know which stamps I have. I'm a bit addicted to buying these at the moment and I don't want to double up on ones I already have lol.

Here is the wordbook.

I designed it on the Gypsy using Gypsy Font. Gypsy Font is a cart I use a lot for making wordbooks as it has basic shapes and a great font. I used 6 layers, one for each letter and the last page had all the individual letters on it. I cut the chipboard and then the paper.

Here is how I laid my paper out. As you can see on the gypsy screen above only the T was highlighted in red. I cut one layer at a time, but arranged them after I had lined them up, so I could cut more quickly.

I cut the letter T (the first layer). When my Gypsy finished cutting the screen below showed. I didn't unload my mat, I tapped the return to design button. I then clicked onto the second layer, the letter I and pressed cut. It then cut the letter but to the right of my screen. and I repeated this eith the third layer. I then unloaded my mat, then arranged two new pieces of paper for D and A and repeated the above process. I hope this is a tip you can all find useful

To make the little pockets, I used some little wage envelopes. I sealed the envelope and covered one side with paper. I then cut the top off. To shape the corners I cut one corner off see picture below.

I then turned this corner over and placed it on the other corner ( see picture below). I used it as a template so the corners would be the exact same size. I then scored and folded one edge down.

Here is the finished album.

Well I hope you like my wordbook. They are easy to make, so have a go and see what you can come up with.
Kelly x

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Magnolia Stamps and Promarkers

Hi all,
Just thought I'd check in. Haven't done a lot of designing lately as I've been involved with a lot of swaps. I have found a new obsession other than Cricut carts.
I've just started with the Magnolia Tilda stamps and I can't stop buying them. They are so cute but I have yet to play with them. Hoping to soon. My other addiction is the Promarkers. They are like copics but the U.K version. They are great cheaper than copics, but I'm now trying to get all of them. I can't stop buying them either.

I now have two new obsessions. I will hopefully start to post pics of my creations with them soon.

Thanks for stopping by


Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Hi all,

I'm designing for Pam at today Tuesday 3rd August. The cart of the month is just because cards. I like looking at carts and seeing what I can use to make some flowers. Well there is a sun on the cart and I thought it would make a great flower. I hope you like it.

I used the Gypsy to hide the 'notches' on the sun. I used 5 different sizes, which can be altered depending on your project.

Here I used double sided card by papermania to make the cards. here they are cut out. I used the blade on number 4 and the pressure was medium. I cut it once. If you use really thick card I would cut it more than once.

Here they are all cut out.

I used the end of a paint brush to curl the rays of the sun. I've shown two different ways to curl
the flowers which you can experiment with. Once I curled them I gave them a little bit of a squish.

Here they are assembled. I used buttons and sticky gems for the centres. These would look great with brads through the middle also.

I hope you liked my project. It's fairly easy to do and quite quick. They look great as a accent to a card.

Kelly x