Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Bird Cage Album

Hi all,
As you know I'm a regular guest designer for http://www.shesasassylady.blogspot.com/ . Today I wanted to make a mini album. I have wanted to get the serenade cart for a long time. Finally I have it. I love the bird cages on it. This inspired me to make a bird cage mini album. I like to use one image and change it to make a great mini album.The bird cage is 5.94 inches in height. I left the link on. I used K& co paper.

I used two layers for my Gypsy file. This is the first layer. On this layer I used one of the bird cages with all the bits cut out. The second image is using hide contour to a solid image. I use two and three images when I cut my chipboard out as it's not 12 x 12. So it doesn't fill a whole mat. I use cereal boxes and pizza boxes for my chipboard.
Here is the first layer cut out.

Here is the second layer on the Gypsy. As you can see the three bird cages have had Hide contour used on them. I used hide contour on one image and then copied that image twice. It saves time. Copy is the button with two squares on top of each other.
Here is layer two cut out.

When I cut the paper for these shapes I used layer 2 and 4 cages. I copied another cage as I was using all of the cutting mat as I used 12x12 paper.
I cut layer 2 twice with two different sheets of paper. Here is the first lot cut out.

Here is the second lot cut out.

Here are all the shapes, paper cut out.

For the bird cage I used gilding flakes. I put all the gilding flakes in a ice cream tub with a paint brush to store it. My gilding flakes were a mixed bag. You can buy just gold, silver or bronze on it's own.

I used the Xyron creative station to put a layer of adhesive onto the cage.

Here is the cage after it's come out of the Xyron. I turned it over so the adhesive would be on the front of the cage.

I then placed the cage in the flakes as you can see in the picture. I then used the paint brush to brush the excess flakes off. I used a circle motion and didn't press to hard. Using the xyron saves having to buy the size for leaf metal. Basically a glue you paint on and have to wait until it goes clear before you put the flakes on.

Here is the cage after the brushing off. It gives it a antique look.

I then used the zyron for adding adhesive to the chipboard. I sometimes find it easier than using my ATG gun.

To finish it I used my crop a dile to cut a hole in the top of the cages. This is where I have attached it together with fibre.
I haven't added anymore to it as I always add most of the finishing touches after I choose the picture. I haven't decided which one of my children should be behind the cage lol.
I hope you enjoyed this project. Please check out www.shesasassylady.blogspot.com for other great projects.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Hi all,
I'm debuting on www.tuesdaytreats.com. It's my first time as a designer on there. The blog was started up on the Cricut Members Board for Gypsy users to gain inspiration and to try to learn how to use her. Today I decided to make flowers. The file is pretty simple. It was one of the first ones I made on my Gypsy. I saw lots of flowers being made on Utube using punches. That seemed a lot of time wasted punching out. I made this file with 8 different size flowers.

Here is my Gypsy screen. You can change the flowers, which I'm going to do now I have even more carts. The flowers are just over 1.5 inches.

Here are the floers all cut out on my mat. I used K&Co card. I find light weight card works better as it holds the shape and doesn't tear.

I then used the end of a paint brush to curl the petals. I also squeezed some with my fingers.

You can make lots of different flowers depending on how many layers you use. The purple one in the picture was my very first attempt. It's the last one of the batch I made, so I keep it as a record. You can see by the pink ones, depending on what ones you use you can get different results.
I hope you all enjoyed my project. I will add the file at a later date to my Gypsy File section.
Thanks for looking
Kelly :)

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Pumpkin Rosette

Hi all,
Today I'm a guest designer for Pam at www.thebugbytes.com. The theme this month is Halloween. I thought I would make a pumpkin rosette. I made a rosette on my Gypsy the other week and I wanted to try it again but instead of circles at the top I used pumpkins.

Here is the Gypsy screen of the file.As you can see I placed pumpkins along the top. I didn't put any on the bottom as a previous reader on here pointed out I didn't need to. I think I just got too excited placing them on.

I used the Graphic 45 Alice in Wonderland halloween card and Orange card

Here it is cut out. As you can see I folded it on where the pumkin ended. After a bit of playing I had to also fold it down the middle of each pumkin. If the pumpkins were smaller it would be alright, but I don't think you would realise they were pumpkins if they were smaller. You then need to attach the two pieces together to make a ring. you then push the bottom in whilst pulling the top out. The pumpkin keeps the rosette in it's shape. There is one on each side. If you don't have something in the middle the rosette pops out of shape.

Here is the finished one. You can see how I've folded it a bit more detail. I would probably change the colour of the pumpkin in the middle when I do it again. The rosettes are a bit addictive once you have the basic file. I will be uploading this file Wednesday pm onto here. You'll be able to find it under the heading Gypsy files at the top.
I hope you enjoyed this project.