Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Hi all,

I'm designing for Pam at
http://www.thebugbytes.com/ today Tuesday 3rd August. The cart of the month is just because cards. I like looking at carts and seeing what I can use to make some flowers. Well there is a sun on the cart and I thought it would make a great flower. I hope you like it.

I used the Gypsy to hide the 'notches' on the sun. I used 5 different sizes, which can be altered depending on your project.

Here I used double sided card by papermania to make the cards. here they are cut out. I used the blade on number 4 and the pressure was medium. I cut it once. If you use really thick card I would cut it more than once.

Here they are all cut out.

I used the end of a paint brush to curl the rays of the sun. I've shown two different ways to curl
the flowers which you can experiment with. Once I curled them I gave them a little bit of a squish.

Here they are assembled. I used buttons and sticky gems for the centres. These would look great with brads through the middle also.

I hope you liked my project. It's fairly easy to do and quite quick. They look great as a accent to a card.

Kelly x


flowerdisco said...

who needs to buy expensive paper flowers embellishments at the store when we can make our own your excellent tut? TFS They are gorgeous :)

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Kelly, your flowers are AWESOME!

Lisa said...

Such a cute card and those flowers are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

Idea Queen said...

OMG I love these flowers. I'm so excited I have the cart and can try them! Very creative.

~JulieH~ said...

Oh I love these flowers they're gorgeous! Just came across your blog from the Cricut MB you have a great blog

Ladybug said...

Kelly, I didn't "like" your flower --- I LOVED it!! :-)

TFS via a tut. how you did it.

I'm now following you. Can't wait to see what else you come up w/! :-)