Sunday, 25 April 2010

1st Try

Hi all,
This is my first project for my blog. I saw this box on utube. It was by APieceofCraftdotcom and was called the expandable keepsake box. Here is where I watched it

I thought I'd give it a try. I made a gypsy file to help me make it for cutting all the bits(I'll upload that file later). I think you should be able to cut it all on a 12x24 mat, but I don't have one of those yet. A few teething problems and here is the result. I used Brenda Pinnick papers, cereal boxes for the card and metal magnetic fastners from papermania to open and close the box. The flower I made following another utube video I found. That's another posting for different day. Back to the box.

Here is the box closed

Here is the box open

As you can see on the open picture the file section is too big. I now what I have done now and like all crafting you have to make mistakes to learn. I'll post again about the boxes when I've made a proper one now I've got the teething issues out of the way. I think you'll all agree for a first attempt it's not a bad little box!


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Kelly I just love this project! I just love it and can't wait to watch the video to learn how to do it. You color choice is perfect too! Thanks.

Pam aka TheBugBytes said...

How awesome! You did a great job sweetie. Love the colors.
Have to try this when I come back

Mandy said...

oh how cute! This is definitely something I'll have to figure out how to do someday :) Great job!!

flowerdisco said...

awesome...that was a lot of work uh?

amylynn said...

Hello fellow gyptian! Love the file box! Pretty!

Idea Queen said...

Oh my gosh I love the box. You did an awesome job on it.